Friday, March 03, 2006

New Orleans, the pitiful, and NAR

I just read an article about a doctor in New Orleans moaning and groaning that his childhood home, not his REAL home, was messed up by Katrina and still is to this day. The article implies that NO is in a state of downward spiral from which it may never recover.
Give me a break.

This is just another example of another reporter who can't find any real news so he makes up his own and then goes to press with it as if it's another disaster story. HELLO!!! WAKE UP!! The Katrina story is over - why doesn't the media get it?

New Orleans just celebrated Mardi Gras! People were partying in the streets 24/7 again. Restaurants are filling up. And guess what?

The National Association of Realtors is having it's NATIONAL convention in NO this year! That's right, over 3000 Realtors from across the US will make their way to the Big Easy come November, along with several thousand more vendors, support staff, and presenters. The NAR president estimates the city will benefit by over 30 million dollars.

Realtors are doing their part, haven't abandoned the Big Easy, and are committed to helping revitalize the city. The next time you hear a pitiful story about something bad in NO, just remember: a lot of the folks in NO are doing just fine and us Realtos and going to enjoy the Big Easy for what it is...a great tourist destination.