Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lowball Buyers...FORGETABOUTIT

Here's today's mp3 clip on what happens when you lowball a seller...Click Here

Friday, February 25, 2005

Death of a House Sale...

The biggest pitfall there is.
If yu want your home to sell fast and for the most money, there is just ONE BIG THING. That's it. That one big thing is PRICE. Price it too high and no one will make an offer. Price it too low and you'll get lots of offers. Which situation would you rather be in?
Most seller find it hard to be the lowest priced home in their neighborhood. However, in every instance when a seller has agreed with me to price the home just below the market value, we have always realized a higher than list price sales price. Why?
Simple. The lower price increases the demand and the activity on the home and you have more than one buyer wanting the house. With multiple offers, the seller has more negotiating power and can deal with just the buyer that wants to pay more than any one else. Result? House sells quicker and for higher price.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Access Realty World News - - 2

apparently the podcasting cvommunity missed this one so I had to repost it.
Mortgage brokers suck and will get you in trouble. Listen here----> Click here

Get the 24/Hour Hotline - NOW

Have had a lot of requests for this link - here it is again...
Click here

Access Realty World News - Mortgage pitfalls

You can get burned along with your agent if you don't keep an eye out for those "shifty-eyed" mortgage brokers... Listen to the first real produced version of Access Realty World News-----> Click Here

Eliminate the Barriers..Get it SOLD!

One of the key things in selling a home is to make it EASY to buy. The way to do that is to remove all of the barriers to ownership. In this quick MP3 file, you'll discover just how to do it...Click Here

Setting up that 24/Hour HOTLINE

I've had several requests to post the link for the 24/Hour hotline system so here it is: Agent Freedom
It's pretty self explanatory and easy to set up with a wealth of cool features.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Radio Transmitters Really WORK!

We've been using these little transmitters, also known as "Talking House" transmitters for years. Nothing like a point of sale meassage to get a buyers juices flowing! Listen here...Click here

How the new Web Tools enhance selling

These days, it takes more than just sticking up a sign and running an ad to get a house sold. It takes building your own mailing list of people who want to see the house. How do you do that? Listen and see! Click Here!

Selling High - Always

Why oh why can't people get it? Selling high in the real estate world is as easy as selling high in the stock market. There's really no difference. While we could all buy high and then wait till we're 90, that's not the way that the "insider's" do it.
Listen to this mp3 audio file to get more...
Click Here